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Percayakan hanya pada para profesional untuk mewujudkan salah satu momen terpenting dalam hidup mu. Team kami akan selalu siap membantu mewujudkan pernikahan impian mu.

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Innovation For Life : A new step to change the world

IKK Inc. is one of Japan’s leading company in the field of Wedding Service that has been listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2012. Established in 1945, IKK is now Japan’s No. 1 Wedding Service Company in term of profitability ratio. IKK has built 18 strong branches all around Japan and has expand into another business sectors. With more than 800 employees, this company is awarded as No. 6th Great Place to Work in Japan for the category of 100-999 employees.

In only 2 years of running in Indonesian market, we have planned and executed hundreds of Wedding and got more than 150 good reviews from our clients. We are committed to bring high quality of Japanese work ethics while giving the best hospitality to Indonesian people. In the near future, we will keep developing our competence and expand our business to other Southeast Asian Countries.


Selection Process


Our Philosophy


(Okyakusama no Shiawase to Kandou no Tame ni)

“For Customer's Happiness and Deep Impression ”

IKK Management Trainee Program

By join this program, you will learn about our core business, Wedding Business Industry. You will get the chance to learn about Japanese hospitality, marketing, sales, business development, planning, human resources and many other fields on a deeper level. IKK Management Trainee Program also provides you many opportunities to strengthen your leadership and entrepreneurship skills, as well as your venture spirits in order to prepare you to compete in the global level.

What you will get

  • Self-development program
  • Outstanding career path
  • Deep knowledge about Indonesia & Japanese Wedding Business, including planning and organizing
  • Japanese Language Class
  • Competitive Salary
  • Chance to experience job training in Japan which consist of Hospitality and Management Training
  • Fill the Online Form Here To Apply
  • Bachelor’s degree from all major (maximum 2 years after graduation),
  • Master’s degree are also welcomed
  • Graduated from reputable University (Indonesia or Overseas)
  • GPA >3.0
  • Max. age 24 years old
  • Strong leadership skills proven by experience.
  • High motivation to learn
  • Good communication skills, having empathy towards others.
  • Those who can bring significant results and have big interest in Service (Hospitality) industry
  • Those who are aligned with corporate philosophy, culture, and its way of thinking.


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