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Skenoo Hall 9th Floor

(by : IKK Wedding)

This beautifully- designed hall is surely the right choice to realize your wedding dream, as it's located strategically in North Jakarta with very easy access, nearby Pluit Toll Exit.

With its easy access, your beloved ones could easily attend the wedding and share the happiness with you on the happiest day of your life. Skenoo Hall offers  exclusive ballrooms that could accommodate guests from 800 people to 1200 people. Through our 1.056 m2 ballroom, we offer you high ceilings ballrooms that could be perfect for both traditional and international weddings, as well as national weddings. Skenoo Hall works together with so many well-known vendors in Jakarta, with high quality products and high quality services. Click here to view our gallery


1.056 m2




Ballroom With Lobby, Vip Room, Parking lot Until 1200 Units

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